Real Estate

Real estate development comprises buying of plots, establishing a business plan, dealing with detailed plans, financing, design and construction, as well as arranging sales or renting of areas.

The most significant development projects are:

  • a 28-apartment residential and office building at Faehlmanni 6 in Tallinn
  • a 42-apartment residential building at Vanemuise 42 in Tallinn
  • the Puukeskus building complex in Maardu (Vana-Narva mnt. 5d)
  • apartment building at Tungla 19
  • partment and office building at Vilmsi 32
  • apartment buildings at Keskuse 14
  • Sõpruse pst. 230
  • Uus-Tatari 21
  • Tulbi 8 terrace houses
  • Käo 55 terrace houses
  • 72-apartment residential building at Pushkini 69 in Narva

(see references / finished objects).